Tax and Law ofThailand

Company Feature

  • Tax Audit Services/
    Tax and Labour Litigation

  • Provide for filling an application/
    a lawsuit in court at reasonable prices

  • Provide for legal and business advice from view point of various laws

  • Attorney at Law (Japan) ALG & Associates LPC.cooperation with the corporate legal department.

Our Services

Tax Service

Tax advice, International tax between Thailand and Japan / Tax Due Diligence / VAT registration, change of VAT registration, VAT deregistration / tax audit/tax refund / customs audit/ tax lawsuit


Advisory for Labour issues / Labour Due Diligence / i Drafting and reviewing employment agreement and work reaeration / Termination / Labour Lawsuit

General Business Laws

Drafting and reviewing a contract / Legal Advice regarding Company laws, and Company registration / Drafting and inspecting internal rules and regulations / PDPA / M&A / Reorganization / Company dissolution and liquidation / BOI(Investment Promotion) / Machine registration / Land Ownership Registration / Land Mortgages / Factory license / Environmental Law and other services involved / apply for business license or license renewal and other licenses / collecting receivables / general civil and business lawsuit

Fraud Audit/Supporting Whistleblower System

Research on legal information / regulations or rules / submit a ruling letter to government agencies

Our People

Tsutomu Kawamura
Managing Director
Tsutomu Kawamura

Attorney at Law (Japan) ALG & Associates LPC.

Work experience
  1. Provided Thai-Japanese Tax, International Tax, Thai Customs Law, Thai Labour Law, Civil Law, Investment Promotion Law, Foreign Business Law, others.
    Researched and reported on other laws in Thailand and make a legal research report or legal opinion letter in Japanese/English
  2. Due Diligence regarding tax and law advice for Japanese Companies in Thailand
    • Instructed the audit of the target company of Thai lawyer
    • Make a report on Due Diligence in English and Japanese
  3. Advisory and negotiation on Thai Tax Audits and- Thai Customs Audits
    • A tax refund in the amount of 100 million Baht for a Construction Company Successfully
    • Requested the interest on tax refund in the amount of 10 million baht for Construction PE
    • Negotiated with Revenue Department to include head office`s expense in PE`s expense
    • Negotiated with Revenue officers for the case of transfer pricing taxation.
    • Negotiated with Revenue officers regarding an illegal tax invoice
    • Negotiated with Customs Department on fines in case of export without permission.
    • Negotiated with Customs Department on fines in case of importer taking goods out of the free zone by using Incorrect Tariff Classification.
  4. litigation for Tax Cases (Central tax court and Supreme court)
    • Won a lawsuit calming interest on tax refunds
  5. Drafted report on Transfer Pricing
  6. Company Registration and Amendment of Company registration
  7. Business Transfer, dissolution and Liquidation of company
    • Partial business transfer for manufacturing business including land and factory
    • BOI-promoted business transfer
  8. Drafted tax or law-related Contracts or Agreements
    • Joint Venture Agreement (Shareholder Agreement)
    • Secondment Agreement
    • Basic Transaction Agreement
    • Share Transfer Agreement
    • Business Transfer Agreement
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  9. Drafted Employment Agreement, Work Regulation, Termination Letter
  10. Litigation for Labour (Labour Court)
  11. Applied for Foreign Business License etc.
    • For example, license for the following business/li>
    • Logistics Coordination Services
    • Construction Business
    • Construction Supervision Business
    • Wholesale and retail business
    • Rental Property Business
  12. Applied for new promoting business, amending change of the promoted business and others, including setting up a business
    • As an example, I applied for the following projects.
    • Auto parts manufacturing industry
    • Trade and Investment Support Office
    • Software business
    • Other manufacturing business
  13. Applied for Factory license for new factory and change of permitted list, including factory expansion
  14. Registration of Land ownership, Leases, Machine ownership in Thailand, and Land mortgages
  15. Accounts Receivable Litigation and Collection (Plaintiff and Defendant sides)
  16. Applied for Appointment of an inheritance administrator for Japanese heir
  17. Followed up Bankruptcy cases, request for Bankruptcy, Debt Restructuring
Kasira Jareonbunyarit
Kasira Jareonbunyarit
Graduated from Thammasat University in 2018
Professional Experience
Law office of Dr. Suvarn Valaisathein in 2018
Work at ALG Tax and Law Office (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. in 2022
Civil law (including Partnership Companies Law)
Labour Law
Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520 (BOI)
The Foreign Business Act (FBA), B.E. 2542 (1999)
Tax Law
Visa and Work permit Services


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